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Blue Angel Plus

Wayne's current oil burner

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Wayne Combustion Systems
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Fort Wayne, IN 4680
(219) 425-9200 or (219) 424-0904

Wayne M-SR


Capacity: 0.50 - 2.75 GPH  Kerosene, #1 or #2 Fuel Oil

Fuel Pump: Sunstrand or Webster 3450 Fuel Unit

Controls: Optional with Cadmium Sulfide Cell and relay installed

Ignition: 10,000 V constant duty transformer

Motor: NEMA Standard 1/8 hp split phase, 3450 RPM

Fan Housing: One piece, Die cast fan housing

Mounting: Rigid Flange, Adjustable Flange or Base Mount

Nozzle Adapter: Patented no drip brass adapter

Air Adjustment: Patented multi air housing

Air Tube: Heavy 13 ga. stainless steel tube

Flame Retention Head: High Temp Stainless Steel





FlameLock Features

1. Improved Efficiencies
2. Lower Emissions
3. Low Nozzle Temperatures
4. Pulsation Free
5. Quiet Stops and Starts
6. Controlled Flame Pattern
7. Positive retention
8. High Static Pressure overcomes draft problems

Wayne Model's ER-ERA-EH-EHA-MH


Gun Setting Gauge Instructions for SR

Gun Setting Gauge Instructions for BA